How to Excel Media Buying Step by Step

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How to Excel Media Buying Step by Step

In a marketplace where consumers engage in the content through multiple devices, We establish relationships with media outlets to ensure that the audience gets the most out of your advertising budget. Digital media buying involves the buying and negotiating of social media and various online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

To get the job done, media buyers have to wear a lot of hats. Media buyers must have a wide range of attributes in order to be effective, from understanding the media buying business.
there’s a wide gamut of traits that media buyers need to develop in order to be successful.


What do media buyers do?

Media buyers plan, negotiate, buy and maintain media schedules. It looks simple when it’s written out like that, but media buying is an intricate business. 

Doing this job successfully requires a number of different key skills. Here are some qualities to look for in a great media buyer who can help any company get the most out of its advertising budget:


Strategic thinking capabilities

The media landscape is changing constantly, and plans need to change to meet them. As a media buyer you can’t use the same plans you relied on five – or even two – years ago in setting your campaign objective. Responding to the rapidly changing climate and developing a new strategic plan is essential for any buyer to adapt to new situations.


Learn How to Be Your Target Audience

You’ve gotta be your target. You’ve gotta be able to have an end-user point of view. That’s how you know what actions are gonna impact the user’s behavior and act accordingly.

For instance, think about a certain kind of banner or spot that has a higher chance of having success.

How do you know?

You imagine you’re the user.

What will they like?

Do that!


Efficient research skills to find what will work for target consumers in each channel

Each campaign has unique consumers with specific needs. From a certain time of day, ad length, and overall marketing message, as a media buyer you need to be able to understand what works for target consumers and craft campaigns that efficiently reach those audiences in each media channel like “ Facebook – Instagram – Linkedin – Twitter – etc. “.

Choose the best placement for the ad

This is the central sub-process of media buying, during setting up your ads you should select the best placements for them to reach them perfectly!


In conclusion:

The total budget that you will spend on campaigns.

This is considered the basics of the Media Plan for the field of Media Buying in Social Media Marketing, which will help you in organizing and presenting the campaigns in a better way for you, the client, and the team that will work with you, and this is considered the answer to the question “How much you spend and for what?”

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