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Full-Stack Digital Marketer

I Automate all your digital assets to work together seemly.

● In this crazy world, if your business doesn’t serve its target customers, someone else will do! That’s why you need a detailed marketing strategy based on a deep understanding of your business to put your competitive edge in action.

● First, you need to identify your business strictly passing through build your brand – the most valuable asset – and how to shape your business personality until getting ready to create the whole marketing strategy from scratch to the most advanced details.

● Every single stage above is a long long long journey, But this is the secret how Mohamad Magdee has leads + 30 business in the MENA growing their brand share in the market and achieving their goals whether awareness, increasing engagements, getting more leads, or improving the ROI.

● Mohamad Magdee is a multipotential who has proven experience in more than one career and in many specializations such as:

Branding | Social Media Marketing Strategist | SEO Specialist | Social Media Specialist | Creative Copywriter | Content Creator | Content Marketer | Media Buyer Specialist | Social Media Marketing Trainer.


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