How to Write Freelance Proposal That Wins Jobs

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How to Write Freelance Proposal That Wins Jobs

The key to a successful freelancing career is knowing how to write the best freelance project proposals.

You’ll never be able to win jobs if the project proposals you produce appear horrible, no matter how skilled or experienced you are.

Here are proven steps to writing the best freelance proposal you’re capable of.


Strong Entrance With Expertise and Skills

Let the customer know whether you’ve done any previous work that’s similar to this job.

Tell them about your qualifications and how they’ll help with the project. It’s taken a long time for you to get this knowledge; now is the time to win it.

A captivating entrance that stimulates, demonstrates that you completed your research, and provides real value is what will pique your potential client’s interest right away.


Include Examples for the Project

The client will realise that you’re serious about the project if you provide examples linked to it.

These specifics will demonstrate that you’ve given the project a lot of thought and are eager to get started.

Don’t be hesitant to include some instances of your previous work that could add value to your proposal, and Include as many photos as possible to assist visualise the various parts of your proposal.

People prefer to look at photos rather than read text.


Include Relevant Work Samples

It’s important that your portfolio and work speak for itself to include in your freelance proposal, make sure you cherry-pick only the best and most relevant samples.

Employers are eager to see that you have previously worked on a project that is similar to theirs. It seems obvious that if you’ve done this identical type of task before, they’ll be confident that you’ll be able to repeat or even exceed your previous outcomes.

Select a few excellent samples and include a link to them in your outreach email and in your freelance proposal. Explain in a sentence or two how your input helped the previous client’s achievement of their objectives.


Expected Time for Completion and Budget

It’s a good idea to let your client know how long the project will take and how much it will cost.

This will help you avoid problems or confusion in the future.

Overall, make sure your proposal is well-formatted and has a professional style.


Don’t be too Casual or Overly Professional

Professionalism is usually a fantastic initial impression to make on potential clients when it comes to crafting winning proposals. Avoid making jokes or making assertions that are meant to be funny or entertaining. The majority of the time, they have the opposite effect of what you planned.

While work communication has become less formal, especially with online collaboration tools, this should not blur your vision of acceptable professional settings.


Getting new jobs, whether you’re a freelancer or a seasoned pro, can be difficult if you don’t have a convincing proposal. It’ll only be a matter of time before you land that next project if your proposal is well-written, creative, and provides solutions for the client. 

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