6 Tips that Every Freelancer Needs to Know

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6 Tips that Every Freelancer Needs to Know
  1. Deliver an outstanding pitch
    While your portfolio should make your work stand out, make sure you deliver amazing pitches with creative design! If design is not your thing, seek ready made templates and make your presentations work in your favor!
  2. Maintain your flexibility
    While you should always have set rules to work with clients, you need to maintain the balance of flexibility as well. Try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to your clients’ demands. In that way, you will be able to gain their trust and satisfaction.
  3. Be an expert in your field
    While many freelancers try to be the joker in their fields, it does not always work when you try to be the freelancer who does everything. Experts will out-compete you. That’s why, maintain your expertise to only what you can do best.
  4. Always have a contract
    Before working on any projects, make sure you put all what you agreed on in a contract. That way, you will both be clear on the deliverables and it will come in handy during disputes.
  5. Ask for recommendations
    Once you complete a project and the client is satisfied, always ask them for a written recommendation. This will help future clients in picking you and will give you more credibility.
  6. Never stop trying
    Freelancing has its ups and downs, so don’t ever give up when you face any troubles. Learn from your mistakes and the pits you’ve fallen in and improve them in future projects.


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