As A Freelancer: How Can I Receive My Money

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As A Freelancer: How Can I Receive My Money

The beauty of being a freelancer lies in the freedom it provides, but that freedom has a cost.

When it comes to getting paid safely online, most freelancers face limited options that often times come with a high fee to not only collect the payment but to get the money into your bank account. Trying to evade the fees can cost you your pay or get you locked out of your account.


How Can You Receive Your Money:  

You shouldn’t have to pay to get paid. There is nothing to worry about because some of the main challenges faced by freelancers in getting paid are solved now.

With YallaMission, a freelancer can receive almost instantaneous payments without heavy charges for international transfers and foreign exchange fees, because we provide a lot of options for you to be charged after releasing your money every week, within 24 hours, and only 5% that will deduct of the amount plus 10% management services fees:

1. You can receive your money through your bank account.
2. It can be transferred to your Vodafone Cash Account.
3. It can be transferred to your Etisalat Cash Account.
4. It can be transferred to your Orange Cash Account.
5. You can receive your money through any Aman outlet in Egypt.
6. You can receive your money through Pre-paid Meeza card that YallaMission will give to you in case you want to get your money through it.

In Conclusion:

It is true that the gig economy offers lucrative opportunities but it is also valid that a freelancer faces multiple challenges from managing operations to getting paid on time. But using the right freelance websites to offer your services on or applying to projects to receive good money is important too.

Select the right freelance website to kickstart your freelance career perfectly and join YallaMission.


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Author Since: September 21, 2021

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