Benefits of Posting your Own Services As a Freelancer

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Benefits of Posting your Own Services As a Freelancer

Most freelancers are bothered by the idea that they are limited by certain duration and pricing, and the inability to choose all the appropriate tasks that match their interests and passions.

Here it comes to the importance of the websites that helps freelancers by providing two options which are applying to missions and adding their services.

And here are some of the benefits of adding your services:


Setting Your Own Price

One of the most important things in services is that you are the one who is responsible for setting your own prices based on the work you provide and your experience and o lot of other metrics.


Choosing the work that fits you

Most freelancers get involved in projects that contain extra work and tasks they are not interested in or have the passion for it but they must do it, but now you can choose and select the tasks that fit your experience and interests and clients will apply on it. No extra tasks, no extra bad work! 


Establishing Your Time Frames

Don’t be limited with the time frame, you are the boss now. Establish your own time frames!

Clients will apply to your services knowing your duration of executing the service, pricing, and any other addons you will provide. So you will not be involved in any miss understanding from the client’s side or you’ll not have any additional work.

Add features and Addons

Does anyone told you this advice before to do anything customers ask for even without being paid!!
You can now add the addons only you will do while posting your services and nothing more!

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