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Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Strategist & Facebook Advertising Expert | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.00
“Kiro did the very likable person, he works from his heart and he put his soul into the issue until the problem is solved. I really enjoyed working with Kiro and I recommend working with him if you want someone to add value to your team and we will have more work in the future.”

Why me?

✔️ 5+ years of experience as a Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultation in UAE, KSA, and GCC.
✔️In-depth knowledge of all major digital marketing channels (Paid Search, Social Media, SEO, Display, App marketing) and platforms (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.)
✔️ Great localization skills for different countries, languages, dialects, cultures, etc. that are reflected in creatives, content, and the marketing strategies I do.
✔️ Worked with top GCC brands and e-commerce like,,, etc.
✔️ Certified marketing professional from Google, Facebook.
✔️Advanced experience with reporting and analytics tools for web and mobile like Google Analytics.

My Skills:
– Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultation
– Social Media Engagement
– Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads
– Advertising Design

List of the top brands I worked for:
3. (eCommerce)
4. EMS (Uae, Qatar, Egypt)
5. Anby (Football team)
6. Sound Mute
7. Muscle Pump

Here are my successes throughout 2018 and 2021.

– Delivered over 500k in profit as a direct result of managing Facebook ads.
– Connected customers to over 5 million connections across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for customers.
– Created a blog plan, executed blog content, analyzed blog successes, repeated blog successes.
– Build and working Marketing Strategy on more than 22 different projects in 7 different markets around the world.
– Responsible for management of 17 Facebook for Business accounts.
– Realized consistent 15% engagement rates for Facebook clients.
– Initiated Instagram accounts for clients new to the platforms.

Most importantly I helped customers get to where they wanted to be.

Happy to have a pre-contract chat to make sure we can meet your objectives together.

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