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Web Developer


My name is Mohamed Salem, A Full Stack Web Developer living in Cairo.

I’ve been developing software applications for more than 4 years now, I’ve been using Robust Programming languages, Frameworks, Libraries to develop fast and secure Applications.

I have worked with many clients before and contributed to open source projects, my clients satisfaction is my number one priority.

I Offer

  • Clean Source Code
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Friendly)
  • Browser Compatibility (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • UNLIMITED revisions
  • 100% Money guarantee

My main technical skills:

Frond-End Development

✓ JS ~ Frameworks: React,  Vue.js;

✓ React-Libraries ~ Framer motion, React Spring, Chart.js, React Admin, Redux, Much more..

✓ SASS, SCSS, jQuery, HTML5, Webpack;

✓ Bootstrap, Material UI, Shopify Polaris;

✓ CMS ~ Shopify, WordPress;

✓ API development and integration;


✓ Git ~ GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket.


Back-End Development

✓ Node.JS Framework: Express;

✓ CMS ~ Shopify, WordPress;

✓ API development and integration;


✓ Git ~ GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket.


Design Skills

✓ Photoshop

✓ Bootstrap Studio

✓ Spline

✓ Figma


Github Account ->


Computer Science

  •  October university for Modern Science and Arts (MSA)
  •  Aug 2017 - Oct 2021

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