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I am Youssef sherif .. I have 27 years old and I am a Pisces. My hobby is traveling anywhere will I unconcern about anything ( I love to go to SIWA ). So I study as a scriptwriter at High cinema institute and it’s my last semester and I had a long journey in college it started in the faculty of business for two years then I found my passion and it was in the cinema and making movies and that what made me go for writing for the first time in my life and I made a three short movies and in my way to finishing my first feature film .. beside that I work as a freelancer in cinema as a location manager but it is not constant it’s like working for two or three months and then no work for six months so that’s lead to find a job where I can improve my writing skills in different ways and fulfill my huge free time in a good way. I worked in a lot of majors like cinema and tourism ..