What Skills You Need to Get Started in Media Buying

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What Skills You Need to Get Started in Media Buying

Media buyers must manage a lot of moving components, including staying on top of the competitive landscape for each brand they represent, researching and nurturing relationships with publishers, and, of course, analyzing the massive amounts of data generated by online advertising and content delivery.


Many experts have found success for their businesses by using media buying tactics that set them apart from the competition.


For media buyers wishing to create an impression in their business, this is a collection of skills to excel in media buying.

  • Media Buying Planning:


Media planners are the people figuring out which media platform to use for a new campaign. To make the most effective decision, they will complete research to figure out how to achieve what the client wants, and on which channel you’ll find them ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google, etc.).


They will then set a budget, outline objectives and goals for the campaign, and choose more than one platform if necessary.

  • Market Research:


Conducting internal market research involves learning everything possible about the client. A media planner will soon understand the client’s brand identity to figure out what their unique selling point is.


Also, conducting external market research to look at what the competitors in the same industry are doing. A media planner will explore how a brand is currently creating ads and how it compares to the competition.

  • Targeting Tactics:


Determining who the campaign will target and which networks will be most appropriate to reach them is the most important skill you should have in this career from location targeting, and demographic, to behavior targeting.

You have to study your buyer persona and to know how to reach them with your media buying efforts.


  • Analysis and Optimization:


The most thrilling (and perhaps terrifying) aspect of establishing an ad campaign is tracking its results.


As soon as it launches, you can start gathering data on how your ads are performing. In this stage, it’s important not to make decisions too quickly. You’ll want to gather enough data to get a full picture before switching gears. ‍


A media buyer’s job is to maximize ad potential while staying within the budget. As such, if the ad isn’t delivering on expectations, adjustments can and should be made during the length of the campaign.


As mentioned above, a variety of media buying strategies can be used to display an ad in front of the right audience. A media planner will decide which one to use based on what the research suggests about the audience.


It’s not enough to target a group of people once. It’s critical to keep promoting them even after you’ve converted them into customers.


You’ll have a complete inbound marketing strategy that focuses on media planning and purchase if you keep connecting with your target market.


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